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Duo Vela


Born in Barcelona obtained advanced diplomas in solfeggio, piano and chamber music at the Barcelona Superior Conservatoire. The sisters have won several prizes for piano, for composition and for chamber music .
Since their début as a professional duet in 1993 they have performed in several towns throughout Spain, remarking their performance at the "Palau de la Música Catalana", and also at the EPTA Congress for Music for two Pianos in Namur, Belgium. They've performed Spanish music in Philippines, in the PBS Concert Hall in Cebu and in the Cervantes Institute of Manila. Recently the were special guests at the International Piano City Napoli (Italy).

Their repertory ranges from baroque to contemporary music, and they have given first performances of important Spanish composers like A. Bofill, X. Boliart, D. Colomé, C. Colomer, D. M. González de la Rubia. , A. Guinovart, J. Mª Mestres Quadreny, Mª R. Ribas, M. Ros, A.-O. Sabater, F. Taverna-Bech, M. Torrents and F. Wort.

The sisters have been awarded grants by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1995, 1997), the Spanish Ministry of Culture (1995), the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture (1997) and the AIE, Interprets and Executants Association (1998, 1999 and 2000).

They have also taken part in recordings with the composer Josep Mª Mestres-Quadreny (CD by Ars Harmonica), and with the composer Mercè Torrents (CD by the Associació catalana de Compositors). They have recorded for radio with Radio Nacional-4, Radio Nacional-2, COM-Radio and Catalunya Música and for Canal 33 and BTV- Barcelona Television.

In 2004 they released the CD 21th Century Contemporary Music (Ars Harmònica 135). In 2008 they released the CD Dances (Ars Harmònica 191).

The critics have highlighted their

“mutual understanding and self-confidence, which express a deep and continuous interpretation together” (A. Gomila, Diari de Menorca);

“Identified with the spirit of the pieces and with first-rate piano technique, the Vela sisters enlivened the music...” (Revista Musical Catalana);


“They honour their high artistic consideration and we will never thank them enough for their interest in the music written now and here” (X. Casanoves Danés, Avui);

“They have won the heart of the Cebuans at the concert” (H. Jarque Loop, The Philippine Star);

“Their sound together and conjunction is so great that we may say that they play music in four hands but conducted by one sole brain. But their main argument is not only the unity but also the transparency of the sound, as well as the self-confidence that they display in a very risky repertoire in which no aesthetic concessions are observed” (L. Hidalgo Martín, El Norte de Castilla);

“ unveiled the interpreters’ capacity to identify themselves with the different proposals of each composer… the high precision, both in the gradation of the sound as well as in the rhythmical pulsation and the emotiveness of the phrasing, constituted the key of a memorable audition” (F.T-B., Revista Musical Catalana);

“ addition to the technical skill and understanding of the works they interpret, they show their knowledge on the authors, increasing the suitability of their interpretation” (I. Albors,;

“ ensemble that has become one of the most representative of our country… as well as an opportunity to enjoy some performances that the listener will be grateful for due to their transparency and agility” (J. Salazar, Revista Musical Catalana- Catalunya Música);

“Tenacity, perseverance, eagerness to better themselves and commitment with contemporary composition and with Catalan musicians have characterised these ten years of the Vela Duet, who with this fresh, kaleidoscopic and impeccable CD put a crown to their whole trajectory” (X. Chavarria, Serra d’Or).

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